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The Diamond Empowerment Session

During this session I will use a wide range of cards, and it is the one I recommend for first-time clients due to it's comprehensive nature. I will do the Lover’s Path Tarot reading which looks at all aspects of the energy surrounding your connection. I will then do an Oracle spread for further insights. Then using a combination of decks I will identify blocks to union/reunion that need to be healed. I will also use Lenormand cards to answer Yes or No questions. This reading also includes a message from your soulmate or twins higher self at the end.

This reading is suggested when you are trying to gain an understanding of the many facets of your situation. It is a fluid and dynamic session  -  channeled messages come through, and direct healing occurs during our time together. It is perfect when you are looking for deeper insights into your situation, have multiple questions, and are interested in learning more about healing your past. The Diamond Empowerment Session is approximately 1.5 hours. 

Investment of $177.17

The Present Empowerment Session

For this reading I will use Tarot cards to get a more in depth look at your current situation. This reading will provide a look at current, near future, and potential outcomes. It will look at what is crossing your situation, and what brings together all of the energies. I will then use Oracle cards to provide a deeper message regarding your situation. If I am led to, I may also use my Lenormand cards.

This session is perfect for working with me in an on-going way after completing a Diamond Empowerment Session and you feel that would like some additional guidance on how to navigate your situation. As with the Diamond Empowerment Session, you will receive channeled messages and direct healing. The Present Empowerment Session is approximately 45 minutes.

Investment of $111.11


The Burning Question Session

For this reading I will again use Tarot or Oracle cards to look at your current situation. It is perfect for when you need to get a clearer perspective on what is happening, or have an idea of how the current energies are helping or hindering your growth and forward progress.  

This session is for those moments you are feeling stuck or obsessive and need a way out of those energies. This is the one I suggest when you have one or two questions and would like some additional guidance on how to navigate your situation. The Burning Question Session is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Investment of $55.55

Soul Realignment Blueprint Session

Learn who you are at soul level and gain greater understanding of your divine gifts. We will identify what blocks and restrictions are impacting you energetically at soul level and then clear these blocks within the Akashic Records. The purpose of this work is to support deep transformational changes in your life by clearing energetic and blocks and restrictions that have impacted you in ways that you may sense, but have not previously be able to logically or emotionally reconcile with your current life. You will feel empowered to move forward and begin to align more fully with your divine potential. These sessions can help you connect more fully with Source, your own Soul, and create energetic shifts and abundance in you life. 

Investment of $188.88

Soul Realignment Situation Session

This session is an option once the Blueprint Session has been completed. We will look deeper into your Soul Lessons and the Akashic Records for specific blocks and restrictions connected to certain situations. Working through our personal energetic history contained within the Akashic Records happens in layers. Theses sessions are how we can support your on-going soul development.

Investment of $155.55

Chakra Assessment and Healing

For this session I will do an assessment of your chakra system before we begin. During the session we will go over your results and do an initial healing and alignment of your chakras. You will learn more about how the chakra system functions, and methods for continuing self-care. This can be done as a single service or added to any of the Sessions I offer.

Investment of $77.77

Cord-cutting and Energy Clearing

For this session I will assist you in cutting energetic and etheric cords that are draining you and impacting you in a negative way, and also help you clear your energetic field. You will learn how to shield and protect yourself from external energetic influences, and how to perform your own energetic wash. This can be done as a single service or added to any of the Sessions I offer.

Investment of $77.77


Chakra Assessment and Cord-cutting Combination

For this session we will work through both the Chakra Assessment and Healing, as well as the Cord-Cutting and Energy Clearing.  If added to any other session, please plan on an additional 45 minutes.  

Investment of $122.22

Further Information and Scheduling

All sessions  are conducted via Zoom and I will email you the link. You will need to download the app to your phone, or the program to your laptop or computer before our session begins. Zoom is a free service, similar to Skype, and you will be able to ask questions. The sessions are recorded and emailed to you afterwards, so you can download them to your computer to review as often as you like!  

To book a session, please email me at Tell me the type of reading you would like, and what time zone you are located in. Once we schedule our session, I will send you a link, and once your payment is received, I will email you the link to use for our live session. I have clients across the globe, and am used to accommodating a variety of schedules! 

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