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19 Sep 2017

This is it.

This is what it is all about.

This is Union.

It’s an internal balance of dark and light, penetration and reception, of balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine inside your own soul. You are fully complete and perfect in your being as a single reflection of the divine. When you can recognize this, and fully integrate this reality, this is when you achieve Union.

Society has elevated the masculine and negated the feminine for centuries and this has prevented us from achieving...

18 Sep 2017

One evening I was out for pizza and pints with two of my male friends and the topic of dating came up – they asked if I was seeing anyone, and I said no.

“Aren’t you on Tinder?” they asked.

“NOOOO – I’m not getting on Tinder – that’s not my idea of dating!”

Well, no need to bore you with the crazy details, but approximately 15 minutes later I had a Tinder profile, and a bunch of men “swiping right”, and even a few “super-likes"! Oh my – what was happening?!?!?

My Twin had not spoken to me in a month...

15 Sep 2017

People always ask if you are a glass half-full or a glass half-empty kind of person, as an indicator of whether or not you have a positive (high-vibration) or negative (low-vibration) energy and life perspective. Years ago, it occurred to me that this question is a bit silly – by its very nature, a glass is refillable! I have now also seen quotes online about this, so apparently I am not the only person to have had this realization.

As a part of my journey, however, I have come to see the value,...

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