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The Ten Commandments of the Twin Flame Journey

June 15, 2018

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Virgo New Moon Oracle

September 20, 2017

Good morning everyone!


I asked for guidance this morning for my day, as the energy has been so intense, and I am trying to integrate so much at present – just like I suspect many of you are as well, with all the changes and the vibrant Virgo new moon heralding a time of harvest and transformation. These are the cards… and as I looked at them, and their meaning, Spirit nudged me (yes, I am listening, thank you for your guidance), and I knew this message was not just for me, but rather, for us all.

New Life in reverse is an indication that we are at a beginning, and reminds us of the need to be gentle with ourselves. It encourages us to ‘be immersed in the newness of it all, and [not] to rush the learning process. New Life has its own timetable for maturity. Be here now. Life loves you.’


Soul Mates in reverse is an amazing message for Twin Flames. The message from this card is to inform us that this is a relationship that demands much from us whilst also giving us a powerful gift. ‘Your patterns and all your old stories that don’t serve your well-being enter into this dynamic so you can heal them.’ Ask yourself, ‘what is the gift in this? Look into the mirror, you will only be changed for the better.’ How beautiful is that? 


Between Worlds indicates a time of transition, when we have not fully left one situation, or entered into the next part of our story. The message of this oracle is that you are in a ‘place between what was and what will be, [it] is a state of making and unmaking and making again…. It is not a moment for certainty but rather for discovery and curiousity…. You are in a critical phase of your relationship that is not be dismissed or hurried.’


So, again, the message I am consistently receiving right now is to be patient, to trust, to heal, to surrender the need to control or try force an outcome. I am a very action oriented person – it is one of my true gifts, but too much of any single energy can become a curse, and part of my journey has been to allow the feminine receptive side of my being come into full expression. And I suspect the same is true for many of you as well. 


*Please note: These cards are from Collette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Card deck and the quoted material is from the guidebook which accompanies it. 

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