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The Ten Commandments of the Twin Flame Journey

June 15, 2018

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Vibrational Alignment

September 21, 2017

One aspect that I had a hard time reconciling on this journey is the notion of vibrational alignment. The idea that you initially recognize your twin because you are a vibrational match, but that you then are forced to go into this journey that changes your vibration – so wouldn’t that take you out of alignment with your twin? I have heard some who claim to be on this journey claim that is the case, and move from one ‘twin’ to the next. And this may be what is necessary for them – to go through a myriad of soulmate/karmic relationships in order to become fully ready for their twin. For me, however, the fact that I couldn’t logically resolve this issue became a block – on one level I was afraid to do the healing I needed, to truly raise my vibration – because I was fearful that I would somehow no longer be a vibrational match for this person that I love more than I had ever loved anyone before. But ultimately, I was in enough pain, that I began to really work on me, in order to just be happier on my own, no matter what happened.


One morning, however, Source gifted me with some insights surrounding this issue. I saw an image of a candle flame surrounded by looping circles of energy in all different colours and vibrational frequencies. And that is when I understood. Our inner vibration, our source vibration if you will, never alters. What happens is that over the course of your life, and your past lives, you collect all of this energetic garbage. These layers of interwoven energetic bonds are what prevent our divine light from shining through in its full radiance. Clearing these layers is a large part of increasing your vibration.


What this means is that this journey is as much about unbecoming as much as it is about growth. If we only focus on the idea of growth we may become fearful that we will ‘outgrow’ this connection that is so important to us in a soul-centered and divine way. Because of this, it is perhaps easier to think about the process of healing on this journey as being about ‘unbecoming’ – you need to unbecome all that denies your inner soul truth. You need to shed the things – actions, beliefs, dogmas – that no longer serve you. Sometimes we cling to our fears and our painful stories and 3D realities because they offer a level of security and safety – they are familiar, and therefore seem more reliable. But it is only be letting those things go by healing them that we are able to step into our own true power. And it is that, that ultimately allows the attainment of all your heart deeply desires.


Another way to understand this notion of unbecoming is to think about a wifi signal and your phone. You and your twin have the same number – your own personal party line! Now, even when the phones arevswitched off, the number is still there. Meeting your twin is like turning on the phones – the number can be used, but without a cellular network or wifi connection, you cannot use these phones the way they are meant to be used. The healing you do, the growth, the inner work – resolving all the things that are triggered by your twin, acts to move you into a place with better coverage – it is like going from no bars to five bars, from 2G to 4G. Once you are fully integrated into yourself, you begin to maximize your unique shared number, and you create a stronger signal for your twin to link into, thereby deepening your connection. This is what is meant by raising your vibration – your signature number, shared with your twin remains constant. But your higher vibrational rate is able to boost your signal, boost your connection, boost your ability to achieve 3D Union, and ultimately to align you with your soul path and divine purpose.


You cannot irrevocably damage or destroy the connection with your twin. You can, however, really screw things up in the 3D by refusing to take responsibility for your own stuff. Embracing the process of unbecoming will allow you to move more rapidly into Union. But, the other reality is that you cannot force it – sometimes things need to unfold within the structure of divine timing. Yes, it is a paradox.  I recognize this, but no matter what is going on and where you are in your personal timeline, working on yourself may help speed things up. Moreover, the sooner you heal, the happier you will be – no matter what unfolds, and what divine timing is for your Union. For in truth, you are already in Union in 5D, and what you are working on is creating a shift so that 5D alignment becomes a 3D reality as well.


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