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The Ten Commandments of the Twin Flame Journey

June 15, 2018

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The Ten Commandments of the Twin Flame Journey

June 15, 2018

1. This journey is about YOU!


2. This is a journey toward unconditional love and acceptance – first and foremost of yourself, and then of others. 


3. This is a journey about overcoming the illusion of separation between you and the rest of creation.


4. This is a journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment – of raising your consciousness and embracing your own divine nature. It is a journey of personal responsibility and ethical alignment. 


5. This is a journey where you do not place blame upon others – not your twin, not your family, not your friends. It is often a solitary path at various points, for you need the time alone to connect with your true self, your higher self. You are responsible for your feelings and actions and they are responsible for their own. You are not a victim. 


6. This is a journey where you learn to take full responsibility for your own emotions and healing. You can and will find assistance in the form of teachers and healers, but ultimately, you are the one who must do the work.


7. This a journey where you will learn to respond rather than react. To detach from the emotion of the moment, and look for the lesson and underlying truth it contains. To take a step back, drop into a calmer place, and then decide – from a heart-centered and rationally aligned space of understanding – how you wish to proceed.


8. During this journey you will receive multiple signs and synchronicities. They are there to remind you to stay the course. Nothing more, nothing less. 


9. This is a journey to learn to embrace and balance all of who you are, in your full and complete glory – Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, Ego and Soul. 


10. This is a journey where you will learn just how powerful you are, and how you can and will be able to co-create a reality that is your version of Heaven on Earth. 






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