"It was completely serendipitous to have come across Myrna. I was trawling some sites to try and find some guidance on my twin flame journey and out of all of the rubbish that is out there, her words and her way spoke to me. There is a genuine and honest exuberance in Myrna that is palpable, even through her photo. There is something in the softness of her tone and the gentleness of the words she uses, that instantly drew me to get a reading from her. It is easy for me to say, the reading was great - which it was! I have had many readings throughout my journey. However, this was more than a reading - it was a heart-felt experience that she journeys with you as she conducts the reading. Myrna's vibrancy is instantly attractive and open and invites an openness and honesty within you. I chose the diamond reading and I got way more than what I anticipated (with hope that the price won't increase). There is no rush and she allows the reading to occur as it occurs without a deadline looming overhead. Her variety of spreads and the way in which she reads from the different card decks, whilst 'tuning in' to divine, is with a genuine and open heart. She is unafraid to be who she is in the reading and bring herself into the experience with you. Her statements, her sharing, her messages and her way is honest with a comfort and care that I've not experienced before. I don't really like to use the word psychic in describing Myrna - but perhaps the word 'conduit' better describes her for me. She is a conduit, bridging your heart to the divine guidance. She won't fill you with false claims, false hopes or flowery language but rather navigates her words measuredly and assuredly, through your heart and brings clarity to the situation. There is so much to be said about seeking and receiving guidance from someone who is on a similar journey or has had similar experiences. Myrna can't and won't fake it! The reading resonated beautifully with where I am right now. I received a recording of the reading so that I can review in my own time, over time. Through her gentleness, and lightness, some very deep fears were able to dissolve. Thank you for a beautiful experience!" 


S.B. - France

"Everyone should take advantage of Myrna's gifts! She is incredible and I am so glad to have experienced her guidance on my journey!"


J.G. - United States

"I just had an amazing reading with Myrna! This is exactly what I needed! I was at a crossroads and really needed some insights. The things that came through in the reading made sense and brought me so much comfort. Some tears were shed too, which highlighted the particular healing I need to address. All in all, I'm at peace now. There is something special about Myrna, a beautiful, graceful vibe that I very much appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you so much!!!"


J.H. - Australia 

"I am kind of reluctant to share this, as in a way, I want to keep her all to myself! I have, since I met my twin more than 5 years ago, had many (many!) readings from various psychics and TF readers - I was, at one time, slightly addicted to doing this. As I've more and more learned to trust my own inner knowing, I've less and less needed to turn to others. Nowadays, if I am called to get a reading, I do, but it comes from a different place. I felt called to have a reading with Myrna, and we did it last night. She is... astounding! Quite seriously, I will probably never bother getting a reading from anyone else again. She was frighteningly accurate, absolutely spot-on. More than that though, she alerted me to something... something that came up in the cards that she felt strongly about, that opened something up inside of me, and later as I watched the recording of the reading, makes complete sense of what is going on with me and my twin. She asked me a key question and I now realise that she hit on *the* core wound, *the* core lesson, for my journey. My tears - the magnitude of them - would certainly suggest this is the case. Myrna is, quite frankly, magic." 


F. S. - New Zealand

"I contacted Myrna when I needed advice regarding my spiritual Twin Flame journey. I felt stuck, low energies, blocked, and it seemed that I was in a "dead space" and couldn't find any direction. She was very kind and patient regarding my questions during the reading and was willing to ask for clarification until we had a clear message. She is accurate, pleasant, and I loved the advice she provided on how to increase the harmony in my life and feel more radiant and positive. This reading helped shift my energy into a more positive and empowered place."


M.Z. - The Netherlands

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